Distributor/Supplier/Stock YONE Indonesia – the product line of YONE can be divided into ball valve, 3-way ball valve, 4-way ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, butterfly valve, globe valve with bellows seal, strainer, tank valve disc, pressure reduce valve, safety valve, knife gate valve, jacket ball valve, cylinder-type ball valve, sight flow indicators, sample valve, control valve, welde underground ball valve, and so on. Of course, we also provide specially specification to meet our customers’ request once they require.
Obviously, YONE has provided a wide range of product lines and been available to be applied in varied fields such as chemistry, gas, paper-making, waste-water processing, vine brewing, and so forth


Wafer Check Valve
Swing Check Valve
Knife Gate valve
Butterfly valve
Ball valve
Air vent valve
Air vent valve drat
Air vent valve 2