Distributor/Supplier/Stock ARI ARMATUREN Indonesia – From industrial processes and chemicals through shipbuilding to building management: ARI can look back on a tradition of more than 70 years as a competent partner for control – isolation – safety – steam trapping of liquid and gaseous media. We manufacture high-quality, heavy-duty valves in line with the latest standards at three different locations – all of them in Germany.


ARI-ASTRA Flow Regulating Valve
ARI-CONA B Bimetallic steam trap
ARI-CONA M Thermostatic steam trap
ARI-CONA SC Ball float steam trap
ARI-FABA Plus Bellow Seal Globe Valve
ARI-PREDU Pressure regulating valve
ARI-ZIVA Z Butterfly Valve
ARI-PRESO Pressure regulating valve
ARI-SAFE Safety Valve
ARI-STOBU Gland Packing Globe Valve
ARI-STEVI BBD 415 Blow down valve
ARI-STEVI H 485/488 Control valve in 3-way
ARI-STEVI Pro 470/471 Control Valve
ARI-STEVI Smart 450/451 3-way Control Valve
ARI-TEMPTROL 771/772 Temperature control
ARI-PREMIO Electric Actuator
DP30/DP32 Pneumatic actuator