Jual Safety Valve

Jual Safety Valve – Safety relief valves should be used to protect any pressurized system from the effects of exceeding its design pressure limit. A safety relief valve is designed to discharge gas, steam, vapor or liquid automatically from any pressure containing system, preventing a predetermined safe pressure being exceeded and protecting plant and personnel.

Types of Safety Relief Valve

Based on the type of ends of the body Safety Relief Valve are available in following types

Close Bonnet With Lever
Close Bonnet Without Lever
Open Bonnet

Specification of Safety Relief Valve

  • Size : DN25 - DN300 (1" - 12")
  • Class : PN-10, PN-16, ANSI 150 to ANSI 2500 JIS 10K, JIS 16K, JIS20K
  • Set Pressure : 1 to 10 Kg/Cm2

Connection Design

  • Flange
  • Thread
  • Welded


Body Design

  • With Lever
  • Without Lever
  • Open Bonnet
  • Close Bonnet
  • Full Bore


Lift Design

  • Low Lift
  • Full Lift
  • Cast Iron
  • Bronze
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ductile Iron

Designed to relieve excess pressure or thermal expansion of process fluids safely in pumps, pipe work, tanks, calorifiers, gas and oil separators, other process vessels and long pipes. Models are available for gas, steam, vapor and liquid applications.

Brand of Safety Relief Valve

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