Jual Pressure Transmitter

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Pressure transmitters are used to measure the pressure or level of industrial liquids and gases. The output is transmitted to a control system. Accurate and stable process measurements ensure the safe, reliable, and profitable operation of your plant.

Compact, lightweight, intuitive and intelligent, pressure instruments simplify all aspects of handling, commissioning, installation, operation, and maintenance while delivering outstanding performance. Whether installed in the harsh environment of an offshore platform or a refinery in the burning desert heat, our DPharp series delivers accurate, repeatable, and high integrity process measurements.

  • Process pressures -1…+1000 bar/-14…+14504 psi gauge and 0…+600 bar/0…+8702 psi gauge absolute
  • Process temperatures up to +150°C/+302°F without diaphragm seal
  • Ceramic or metallic measuring cells
  • Quick step response times even with small measuring ranges
  • Over 250 thread, flange and aseptic process connections available
  • Duplex, HASTELLOY® C-276, PVDF as well as NACE compliant materials
  • Use in hazardous areas
  • Pump dry-run protection and compressor monitoring
  • Flue gas ventilation control
  • Monitoring processes from low pressure to absolute vacuum
  • Overload resistant level and overpressure measurement in batch tanks
  • Monitoring of supply pressure in pipelines

Capacitive ceramic measuring cells (99.996 % Al2O3) with high long-term stability, vacuum and overload resistance
are used for all common process applications. Therobust ceramic diaphragm with integrated diaphragm breakage detection, covers about 80 % of all pressure applications up to +100 bar/+1450 psi gauge.

Metallic measuring cells (strain gauge or piezoresistive)with fully welded process connection are used for high pressures up to +1000 bar/+14504 psi gauge, aseptic processes, and in combination with diaphragm seals for high temperature or corrosive applications.

Source : Krohne, Yokogawa

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