Jual Pneumatic Solenoid Valve

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The direct operated solenoid valve is the interface between pneumatic and electronic. In fact, it is actuated by an electrical signal and in turn gives a pneumatic signal directly available for small users or for actuating bigger pneumatic distributors.

A wide range of valves are needed for satisfying various applications. For this need we have available miniature components with very low volume and electrical impute as well as solenoid valves with large flow rate and power for heavy duty operations. These solenoid valves are usually 3/2, normally closed or normally open, but there are available the 2/2, closed or open, for vacuum and others.


Pressure Range : 22 to 115 PSI (0.8 M pa)
Shift Pressures : 22 PSI Single or Double-Solenoid
Flow : 9 SCFM, .25 Cv
Operating Medium : Compressed Air
Lubrication : None Required
Cycle Rate : 120 Cycles Per Minute
Temperature Rating : 0° to 122°F (-17° to 50°C)
Signal Response Time : 14 ms
Rated Voltage : 120V AC, 24V DC and 12V DC
Current Ratings : 120V AC = 16 mA in-rush; 11 mA holding 12V DC & 24V DC = 67 mA
Power Consumption : 2.1/1.8 VA 1.9 W

  • Designed to operate with pressures up to 10 bar in temperatures -10°C to + 50°C.
  • 3 sizes: G1/8, G1/4 and G3/8.
  • Large flow capacity with short change-over times.
  • Low change over pressure.
  • Dynamic bi-directional spool seals.
  • Do not require lubrication in operation but can also be installed in systems that are lubricated.

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