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Level gauges are meters used to determine the level of a liquid in a fixed storage or process tank.  The gauge is composed of several parts including head, float, measuring tape, bottom anchored bracket, guide wires, elbows, anchors, coupling, pipe support brackets, and pipework. Liquid level gauge calibration is used to ensure proper readings are obtained when using level gauges.

Level gauges have several advantages including durability for harsh environments, including the ability to withstand high pressure, temperature, and vibrations. They are easy to read from a distance and can be used in addition to a switch or alarm in a system. There is little maintenance required and all repairs can be done without disturbing the system. They can also be customized for extreme applications.


Tank level gauges – A tank level gauge is used in tank volume monitoring.

Fuel level gauges – A fuel level gauge provides a direct fuel level reading for vehicles and equipment. The two main parts of a fuel gauge are the sender and the gauge. The sender measures the fuel level in the tank and the gauge displays the level to the user.

Water level gauges – A water level gauge is used for measuring the rise and fall of water levels.

Mechanical level gauges – A mechanical level gauge monitors levels of underground storage tanks.


Magnetic level gauges – A magnetic level gauge is used to control the level of fluids. The gauges operate under Archimedes Principle, which states that any object submerged in a fluid experiences the same buoyant force as the weight of the liquid displaced.

Reflex level gauges – A reflex level gauge is used to detect level in a vessel or container. It operates by using the dissimilarity in the index of refraction between fluids and vapors. They are usually made of carbon or stainless steel, which provides the durability needed to work in a temperature and pressure range up to 400°C and 400 bar respectively.

Transparent level gauge – Transparent level gauges are very similar to reflex level gauges. They consist of two transparent glasses which are integrated with the liquid cavities on both sides.

Bi-color level gauge – Bi-color level gauges are used to measure the media level in a boiler. The gauge uses high quality mica sheets to guard against the wet steam generated in a boiler drum.

Tubular level gauge – Tubular level gauges are best used in low pressure, non-toxic liquid level measuring applications. They detect and report process level though direct communications.


Level monitoring is important in a wide variety of applications. Any industrial process involving the filling or storing a liquid in a tank or vessel would benefit from the use of a level switch.

They are also an important part of process control systems which manage flow rate into and out of a storage vat or reactor. They are found in a wide variety of industries– not limited to– manufacturing, food and beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical, marine, medical, and fuel/energy management.

Level gauges can be responsible for measuring a wide variety of media in fluid level systems in many industries. The two general media types include liquid and dry materials.

  • Liquid media can include
    • Water (hot or cold, clean or dirty, fresh or salt)
    • Gasoline (diesel fuel)
    • Hydraulic fluid
    • Highly viscous or gummy fluids
  • Dry materials can include
    • Bulk solids
    • Powders
  • Rated for Sanitary Applications- Devices are rated for sanitary applications such as those found in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • Handles Slurries /Suspended Solids- Devices can handle slurries or suspended solids.
  • Built-in Alarm / Indicator– Devices have a built-in audible or visual alarm that is more than a switch or relay closure.
  • Recorder /Totalizer Functions– Devices are data loggers which record/totalize and integrate measured values.

Source : Globalspec

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