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The size and therefore the price of a gearbox depend on the gear-rating method specified. This comparison of eight commonly used standards published by the American Petroleum Institute (API), American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) highlights the differences between them. Let us begin with a brief description of these standards:

  • API 613 5th edition
  • API 613 6th edition
  • API 617 8th Edition
  • ANSI/AGMA 2001-D04
  • ANSI/AGMA 6013-B16
  • ANSI/AGMA 6011-J14
  • ISO 6336-2006
  • API 672 4th edition
  • API 677 3rd Edition

The gear sets used in this comparison are presented in Table 1, with changes between sets highlighted. All are alloy steel. Speeds range from 700 to 45,000 RPM. The resulting ratings range from 200 to over 18,000 HP. An even wider range of gears could have been analyzed, but that probably would not significantly change the general conclusions of this study. Note that the values and factors chosen are sufficient for the purposes of this study, but they were selected for simplicity; they do not represent actual gears in production and should not be used as a recommendation or guide for gear design.

Ratings are for 20 years of continuous operation, except ANSI/AGMA 6011-J14 specifies that ratings are for a minimum of 40,000 hours. Therefore, for comparison, ANSI/AGMA 6011 ratings are presented both for 40,000 hours and 175,200 hours (20 years). The ANSI/AGMA 6013 ratings are for 10,000 hours as stipulated. The rating results are presented even if the pinion speed or the pitch line velocity is too high or low for the standard to apply.

  • Coaxial helical inline
  • Bevel helical gearbox
  • Skew bevel helical gearbox
  • Worm reduction gearboxes
  • Planetary gearbox
  • Helical gearbox
Gearbox and geared motors have their usage in major applications such as material handling equipments, conveyors, crushers, cranes, cooling towers etc., major industries covered are cement, steel, power plant, plastic and rubber industries etc.

Source : turbomachinerymag

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