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Diaphragm valves are engineered for tough work environments in the chemical processing, water treatment, pollution control, food and beverage, mining, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, power generation industries. Diaphragm valves are available in two basic forms: weir type and straight through types. The weir design is best for general use applications or for tough corrosive and abrasive services. The straight through type can be used in situations where the flow direction changes within the system.

They are excellent for use with sludge, slurries and other viscous fluids. Both styles provide a streamlined path for fluid flow that yields minimal pressure drop across the valve. Diaphragm valves (or membrane valves) consists of a valve body with two or more ports, a diaphragm, and a “saddle” or seat upon which the diaphragm closes the valve. The valve is constructed from either plastic or steel.

  • ASME B16.34, DIN 3202, BS 5156
  • ASME B16.10, MSS SP-71, BS EN558
  • ASME B16.1 CLASS 125, ASME B16.5 CL150, EN1092, EN12226
  • ISO 5208, BS 4504
  • Sizes : DN50 through DN400
  • Body Styles : End connections Flanged, Welded or Threaded Ends
  • Pressure Class : ANSI #125B, 150B, PN6, PN10, PN16
  • Actuations Handwheel, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic or E-Hydraulic
  • Corrosive applications, where the body and diaphragm materials can be chosen for chemical compatibility. (E.G. Acids, Bases etc.)
  • Abrasive applications, where the body lining can be designed to withstand abrasion and the diaphragm can be easily replaced once worn out
  • Solids entrained liquids, since the diaphragm can seal around any entrained solids and provide positive seal
  • Slurries, since the diaphragm can seal around entrained solids and provide positive seal

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